New CDR Insight Guide: ‘Closing The Cybersecurity Blindspot’

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Most organizations understand the need to fend off malware and ransomware, but the vast majority rely on a reactive response based around well established antivirus and sandboxing technologies to protect their valuable files and everything they contain. 

The problem is, nearly 70% of malware found embedded within files is of an unknown variant when it is received, effectively making it invisible to reactive cybersecurity technologies. And with cyber attacks occurring every few seconds, businesses are working with a potentially catastrophic security blindspot in their strategy.

But what are the risks of merely reacting to malware? How long can it remain undetected on corporate networks and how can organisations protect themselves from the financial impact of the attacks seen throughout 2020?

Our new CDR Insight Guide ‘Closing The Cybersecurity Blindspot’ focuses on the problems created by pursuing a reactive strategy to malware, and how to remove risky, zero-day file-based threats to minimize disruption often caused by traditional anti-virus or sandboxing solutions. Click here to download.

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