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Cyber warfare will grind Britain’s economy to a halt

Emerging networks, such as electric vehicle charging points, provide an opportunity for adversaries to unbalance, paralyse or even defeat us. The Integrated Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy Review published […]

Remote Working: The Good, The Bad And The Hybrid

The current pandemic has brought on a large workforce experiment. With more than twelve months of experience under our belts, we are forming a clearer picture of what the future […]

The Glasswall Customer Community

Customers are the life blood of our business and over recent years Glasswall has been lucky enough to acquire more and more of them.  The Glasswall Customer team have been […]

EVENTS: Making A Big Noise At Big SASIG 2021

Many security professionals will be familiar with the work of SASIG – the Security Awareness Special Interest Group – a networking forum and community for the cybersecurity industry. Well known […]

There Are Skills That Can Help Us With Burnout

Burnout doesn’t arrive in our lives toned down. Rather, it is ear-shattering. During the day, mundane things seem unexplainably hard. At night, we are slumped on a messy couch, feeling […]

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