File Drop

File Drop allows you to get individual files analysed and regenerated by our Rebuild API via a simple drag and drop web interface.

Use Cases

Easy Trial of Content Disarm and Reconstruction

Any user can check a file by dragging and dropping it onto the web page. A clean, safe and visually identical file is returned.

Instant File Analysis and Regeneration

File Drop instantly gives you an analysis of the file and offers the option to download a clean, safe and visually identical version.

Features & Benefits

Free to Use

Freely accessible cloud service allows you to easily try Glasswall's technology.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Drag and drop use to get files analysed and regenerated.

Informative File Insights

Reports on you what Glasswall found in the file and what actions were taken to make it safe.

No Data Retention

Your files are instantly deleted after processing to ensure data protection.

Broad Browser Support

Works seamlessly with all major browsers.

File Drop

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