Glasswall Offers Free Cyber Protection to Small Businesses as COVID-19 Crisis Continues

World leader in file-based security offers cost-free protection for any small business for 12 months

London, April 07, 2020 – It’s never been more important to support small business. Customers are staying at home, suppliers are stretched and online sales can’t fully replace what’s being lost. Finances are tighter than ever. Small businesses are critical to our economy and a vital part of our community. They deserve our help.

That’s why Glasswall, a leading file-regeneration technology company, wants to play its part.

The company is offering small businesses in UK and US a one-year subscription to its award-winning Rebuild for Email service. Powered by it’s patented deep-File Inspection, Remediation and Sanitisation Technology (d-FIRST™), FileTrust for Email provides complete protection against the greatest cyber threat businesses face today: Malicious email file attachments.

Glasswall will provide this service, along with setup and support, at no cost for a full year.

In addition, companies can also benefit from new products slated for release over the next few months, including Glasswall’s Mass File Scanner and Website File Scanner services. Mass File Scanner is a quick and simple way to conduct risk assessments on large quantities of files, while the Website File Scanner does the same for the file content of websites.

“Health professionals and key workers are all making sacrifices to help us get through the current crisis and at Glasswall, we feel our business also has to play its part.” said Danny Lopez, CEO of Glasswall. “Small businesses are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals seeking to exploit the current crisis for their own gain. The owners of these vital businesses are facing enough challenges. Malicious emails shouldn’t be one of them.”

Glasswall’s Rebuild for Email service is quick and easy to set up, works seamlessly with any email gateway and provides a valuable addition to other security products.

Glasswall disarms file-based malware without requiring signatures, behavioural analytics or machine learning. Glasswall regenerates totally clean, safe and visually indentical versions of files in under a second, ensuring no disruption to productivity.

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Validated and deployed by intelligence agencies around the world, Glasswall is a leader in the field of Content Disarm and Reconstruction. It’s patented d-FIRST™ methodology creates safe, clean and visually identical files, mitigating the risk of malicious documents. Glasswall enables organisations to open, store and share files with confidence.

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