Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email – Product Release

New Glasswall Product Update Boosts Business Continuity by Enabling Safe Management of Malformed Email Attachments

Latest FileTrustTM ATP for Email Release from Cyber Security Innovator Enables Active Management of 2% of Email File Attachments Too Malformed to Be Processed.

June 22 2018, London, UK – Glasswall Solutions, the pioneering UK-based cyber security company, is radically improving business continuity in the handling of potentially dangerous email attachments with its new FileTrustTM ATP for Email release.

Currently, in over 98% of cases, files that enter an organisation pass through the FileTrustTM product and reach the intended recipients as a fully regenerated file, with less than 2% of attachments too malformed to be processed.

The latest version of Glasswall gives users immediate visibility of those file attachments that do not pass Glasswall’s stringent checks, whilst holding the original at a safe distance. This has the distinct advantage of giving organisations total control over security decisions without compromising business continuity and impacting the user experience.

Glasswall FileTrustTM ATP for Email automatically stores files that are too malformed or risky to regenerate and in place of the original, a totally malware free image of the document is attached as a replacement HTML file to the email. Users are can view the content of the file in complete safety without any fear of triggering a malware attack.

Having assessed the integrity of the sender and file content from within the viewing pane, the user can request its release from their system administrator or simply choose to ignore or report as suspicious in accordance with their company policy.

Administrators are in full control of each process through an easy to use interface, with any requests from users managed in a queue, leaving cyber security experts free to conduct further checks on the original file if required, such as in a security sandbox. Users and administrators can operate efficiently using a low friction process, all aligned to company policy.

“Glasswall’s latest FileTrustTM ATP for Email provides a major boost to business continuity by allowing users to proactively manage the fraction of email attachments that our technology does not automatically clean of all unauthorised code and send on to them,” said Paul Burke, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Glasswall Solutions.

“Compare this with traditional anti-virus technology that automatically blocks 100 per cent of anything that is remotely suspicious, severely interrupting business continuity and acting as a drag on workflows. As security innovators, we are constantly upgrading Glasswall products to enable maximum security with optimal business continuity.”

Specialising in the prevention of document-based attacks and absolute security against phishing and spear-phishing, Glasswall’s patented technology defends organisations against the single greatest cyber-security challenge they face today – email attacks. Roughly 70 per cent of successful cyber-attacks commence with a malicious email attachment.

Glasswall’s FileTrustTM ATP for Email is powered by core engine technology that can detect byte-level alterations to files matched against the manufacturer’s standard, instantly rebuilding clean, identical and totally safe versions of in-bound and out-bound files. Customers are in control of their organisation’s security policy, having the option of sanitising, allowing or disallowing the file.

Burke added: “At Glasswall we are committed to providing the best ATP for email security products and services in the market without adversely impacting business operations. Business continuity is one of our essential aims, second only to security.”

About Glasswall Solutions: Glasswall Solutions has offices in London, Chelmsford and across the United States and provides organisations with unique protection against advanced and zero-day targeted cyber threats in documents through its innovative, ground-breaking security technology. The forensic data that Glasswall provides delivers an essential insight into threats already within networks and through its email security platform and SDK provides fresh insight into unknown and as yet undetected cyber threats. With Glasswall, key cyber security decision-makers are better equipped with actionable intelligence to immediately act, respond and set compliance standards to meet crucial data security requirements.