Glasswall Partners With Swedish Innovator ST Hunna on USB Sanitisation

Ground-breaking collaboration will deliver unique level of portable USB sanitisation and protection for military and government agencies in the field.

London, April 16, 2020 – Glasswall, a leading file-regeneration technology company, has partnered with St Hunna, the Swedish military-grade security specialist and manufacturer, to provide a unique level of protection against malware imported on USB media.

Glasswall’s awarded-winning and patented d-FIRST technology is now fully-integrated into the Hunna System device, a portable, air-gapped USB sanitiser that allows users to import and export information on USB media, CD/DVD and SD cards without the risk of infecting the receiving information systems.

Importing and sharing of data in the field is often via USB stick or device and is inherently risky. Not only does military field work make it difficult to scan files and update anti-virus engines in real time, but the sophisticated nature of threats aimed at defence organisations can often evade conventional detection-based technologies. Developed in Sweden and used by its armed forces, the Hunna System solves this problem.

Glasswall, already deployed by security agencies around the world, provides a critical line of defence, complementing the Hunna’s existing anti-virus technologies. Files and documents downloaded from USB media into the Hunna System are sanitised by Glasswall’s cutting-edge Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, providing complete protection against the most advanced and sophistacated threats targeted against military and government agencies.

Glasswall disarms file-based malware without requiring any signatures, behavioural analytics or machine learning. Totally clean, visually identical versions of files are regenerated in well under a second, in their original format. Once files have passed through the Hunna device, they are ready to be removed on a separate, clean USB stick, ready for use.

“We’re excited to partner with widely-respected, fellow innovator St Hunna to protect military and government agencies with our unique, patented technology. However hostile the environment, these organisations can rely on our protection,” said Danny Lopez, CEO, Glasswall. “This partnership is great news and a significant broadening in the application of Glasswall technology.”

Christopher Ekström, CEO, St Hunna said: “Our new partnership with Glasswall will bring the highest levels of protection to our customers. We work in a highly demanding field and Glasswall shares our total commitment to excellence in security. I’m delighted we are working in such close collaboration.”

Nicholas Bloom, Glasswall Senior Vice President EMEA, said: “This is a great first for Glasswall – it’s the first mobile USB sanitiser we have brought to market, demonstrating how our technology has a wide range of security applications which is steadily expanding.”

The primary customers for the Hunna device will be military, government and security agencies, but further applications of Glasswall’s USB-sanitising technology are likely in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments where organisations rely on USB devices.

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About Glasswall Solutions

Validated and deployed by intelligence agencies around the world, Glasswall is a leader in the field of Content Disarm and Reconstruction. It’s patented d-FIRST™ methodology creates safe, clean and visually identical files, mitigating the risk of malicious documents. Glasswall enables organisations to open, store and share files with confidence.

About Hunna

St Hunna is a privately-owned Swedish company with strictly-controlled development and production in Sweden. The company has many years of experience in vulnerability research, penetration-testing, reverse engineering, forensic investigations, exploit development and offensive hacking methods for advanced testing, as well as information security and risk management.

This background means the company is excellently positioned to understand and work with security requirements, and to develop products that really make a difference.

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