Glasswall Partners With Swedish Security Specialist link22 on Secure File Transfer

Leading-edge collaboration will deliver unparalleled security for files in guard and diode products.

London, May 27, 2020 – Glasswall, a leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) company, today announced a partnership with link22, the Swedish security specialist. Glasswall’s award-winning technology has already been deployed by security and intelligence agencies around the world and the partnership with link22 further extends their reach.

Glasswall provides its industry-leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction capability to link22’s Cross Domain Solution products and the Glasswall Rebuild SDK is now fully-integrated into link22’s existing products as hardware and software integrations.

Wherever files are imported or stored, the threat of malicious content is constant. Whether from Active Content such as macros, JavaScript, embedded files or structural deviations from the published format specification, malware has no shortage of places to hide. Glasswall disarms file-based malware without requiring any signatures, behavioural analytics or machine learning. Clean, safe and visually identical versions of files are regenerated in under a second, in their original format.

Complementing link22’s existing security architecture and technologies, files and documents passed through the guard or diode are sanitised by Glasswall’s Rebuild SDK, providing complete protection against the most advanced and sophisticated threats targeted against military and government agencies.

Danny Lopez, CEO, Glasswall said, “This partnership represents a significant broadening of Glasswall’s existing footprint in the guard and diode market and we’re delighted to be working with a company of the calibre of link22.”

Conny Ljungqvist, CEO, link22 added, “This partnership with Glasswall adds significant value to our solutions. The partnership enables link22 to combine products in the Cross Domain Solution portfolio with Glasswall’s software to provide more efficient and secure solutions for high security environments and critical infrastructure. We have been searching for a military-grade file inspection software and this is a perfect match.”

Nicholas Bloom, Glasswall Senior Vice President EMEA, said: “link22 is recognised as an industry leader in Europe and this partnership represents another star in the constellation of partners we’re building in the region.”

The primary customers for link22’s solutions will be Swedish defence industry, government and security agencies, but further applications of Glasswall’s technology are likely in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments where organisations require the highest levels of file security.

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About Glasswall

Validated and deployed by intelligence agencies around the world, Glasswall is a leader in the field of Content Disarm and Reconstruction. It’s patented d-FIRST™ methodology creates safe, clean and visually identical files, mitigating the risk of malicious documents. Glasswall enables organisations to open, store and share files with confidence.

About link22

link22 develops, implements and maintains security and system solutions for clients who demand the highest levels of security. Its many years of experience of working with the Swedish defence industry, has made it one of the leading specialists in advanced IT security.

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