High Court Rules in Favour of Glasswall in Defence of the Validity of Its Core Patent in an Action Brought by Clearswift

England and Wales High Court Dismisses Clearswift’s Challenge

LONDON, UK – 2 October, 2018 – The High Court, has dismissed the challenge brought by Clearswift, a subsidiary of RUAG, against the first-family patent of Glasswall, a leading UK and global cyber security company. The specialist Patents Court endorsed Glasswall’s case, ruling the patent valid and rejecting Clearswift’s challenge.

Clearswift instituted High Court proceedings seeking revocation of Glasswall’s first-family patent issued in the UK. That patent, No. EP 1,891,571B1, has counterparts in 38 countries, and is one of several patents that protect the foundation of Glasswall’s core technology. Clearswift’s challenge alleged invalidity of the patent and Glasswall defended the claim. On 28th September, the High Court handed down judgment which concurred with Glasswall’s arguments, ruling the patent valid and dismissing the challenge.

The court also certified that the validity of the patent had been unsuccessfully contested, refused Clearswift permission to appeal and ordered that Clearswift pay Glasswall’s costs.

“Glasswall has a robust, global intellectual property portfolio, for which it is rightly recognised. Our innovation has been developed through substantial investments in research, development and technical expertise,” said Greg Sim, CEO of Glasswall Solutions. Glasswall has built a Global IP Board made up of respected individuals and legal advisers expert in the field of Patents and Litigation.

We also respect the intellectual property of our competitors. The priority date of the challenged patent reaches back to 2005, so when challenged or infringed upon, we will vigorously defend ourselves. We are gratified by the ruling of the High Court.”

About Glasswall:

Glasswall has offices in London, and across the United States and provides organisations and governments with unique protection against advanced and zero-day targeted cyber threats in documents through its innovative, ground-breaking security technology. The forensic data that Glasswall provides delivers an essential insight into threats already within

networks and through its Glasswall FileTrust™ ATP for Email security platform and SDK, provides fresh insight into unknown and as yet undetected cyber threats. With Glasswall, key cyber security decision-makers are better equipped with actionable intelligence to immediately act, respond and set compliance standards to meet crucial data security requirements.

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