Microsoft and Glasswall Collaborate on Azure and O365

Partnership Provides the Platform for Future Growth and Added Value in Microsoft Azure
Public Cloud Environments and O365 Security

LONDON — Microsoft and Glasswall Solutions today announced that Glasswall has earned Co-Sell Ready status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program. Glasswall, seen as the world leader in file remediation and regeneration technology, is now among a select group of global independent software vendors to obtain Gold ISV Co-Sell Ready status from Microsoft. As a result, effective immediately, Glasswall collaborates with Microsoft field sales teams worldwide on targeted customer opportunities and related account planning activities, both in the commercial and government, defence and security sectors.

Glasswall has developed a uniquely effective, award-winning and patent-protected DeepFile Inspection, Remediation and Sanitisation Technology – d-FIRST™ – a disruptive methodology for the prevention of malware and understanding of organisational risk from file-borne cyber-attacks. It reverses the traditional signature-based security approach by validating ‘known good’ elements of a file which are finite and bounded, regenerating a new identical and safe copy, typically in fractions of a second. While Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email already integrates with O365 and Microsoft Exchange, the company will immediately commence work on further integration of its Glasswall FileTrust™ products with other O365 applications including OneDrive and SharePoint.

The Microsoft Azure Co-Sell Ready program, initiated in 2016, provides comprehensive sales and marketing support for select partners, like Glasswall. The program aligns Microsoft’s large, global salesforce behind partners like Glasswall to help Azure partners drive new business. To be eligible, businesses must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance commitment, and pass technology and sales assessments.

“Microsoft Azure is a trusted partner in enterprise, and we are delighted to align Glasswall’s security technology with Microsoft through this collaboration.” said Greg Sim, CEO of Glasswall Solutions. “Glasswall offers organizations industry-leading protection from file-based threats and unique threat intelligence on organisational risk, so the relationship between these technologies is a perfect fit.”

Kirk Arthur, Director, Worldwide Industry Solutions, Public Safety & Justice at Microsoft added, “We are excited to be working with Glasswall and their unique, paradigm-shifting approach to one of the biggest problems facing organizations. It further underscores Microsoft’s commitment to deliver world class innovation to our customers and deliver unparalleled data security for both our public and private sector clients.”

About Glasswall

Glasswall has offices in London, and across the United States and provides organisations and governments with unique protection against advanced and unknown cyber threats in documents through its innovative, ground-breaking security technology. The forensic data that Glasswall provides delivers an essential insight into threats already within networks and through its Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email security platform and SDK, provides fresh insight into unknown and as yet undetected cyber threats. With Glasswall, key cyber security decision-makers are better equipped with actionable intelligence to immediately act, respond and set compliance standards to meet crucial data security requirements.