My 2019 Cyber Retrospective

Having joined Glasswall in June, I’ve spent most of the last six months listening to our customers, partners, advisors and my extremely talented team. Six months in, I wanted to share some thoughts and observations as we all look to the year ahead.

In the summer we proudly launched our FileTrust™ for Email Cloud service and last month we were beyond thrilled to win two accolades at the British Legal Technology Awards. This recognition gave us a great validation that we are tackling a significant risk for a sector that is predominantly file driven — after all, documents are the lifeblood of law firms.

What we have learned from our customers is that regardless of what service or technology sits above Glasswall, there continues to be many sophisticated methods that attackers use to evade detection — and these threats are constantly evolving. We’ve witnesses the effects of Cyber Criminals working together to create what we call the ‘Cyber Crime Supply Chain’. Working in small groups as specialists, they are scaling to reach a highly vulnerable demographic, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Alarmingly, 50% of small and medium sized organisations claim they would go out of business in the event of a major data breach, and it is these sometimes invisible victims who are hardest hit. They don’t get any media attention; they simply cease to exist.

And that is why we at Glasswall aim to put the right security solutions in their hands. Our cloud-based service is targeted straight at this vulnerable audience and we look forward to onboarding and protecting many more SMBs as we ourselves grow.

Our work with the global Intelligence Community has gained serious pace this year, with much of their rigorous testing now complete after years of work from both sides. Through our technology partnerships with global defence contractors, we are now deploying at scale to protect our Government customers from the ever-present nation state level malicious actors.

Working so closely within the walls of secretive and protected institutions enables Glasswall to have somewhat of a unique perspective on file-based threats, and the knowledge we have gained feeds into the solutions we offer our commercial customers. Threats that are sophisticated and nation-state driven today are tomorrow’s risks for enterprises.

What can we expect during 2020?

2019 has been a year in which we have seen more evasive and targeted attacks, validated by our Threat Intelligence. With 70% of malicious documents arriving as a totally unique event hidden within millions of emails, next year we expect that attackers will build on this highly effective method to dramatic effect. And organisations of all sizes need to be prepared and adapt their defences.

Glasswall’s ambitious vision for the future is to ensure files, regardless of origin or destination, whether in motion or at rest, are protected using our patented d-FIRST™ file sanitising technology. And so, 2020 will see us delivering on this vision with more granularity around existing offerings as well as new-to-market solutions.

During 2019 we saw a healthy shift towards Cyber being discussed across many more channels and elevated to the Board room of not just global financial institutions, but all industries. As we prepare for a new year, I look forward to Glasswall taking an increasingly active part in this important industry in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s to a happy, prosperous — and safe — year head!

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