New Year. New Funding. What next?

Happy New Year to all our customers, partners and suppliers. We ended 2020 by sharing some important and exciting news that Glasswall had raised £18M to accelerate our next phase of growth. We are thrilled that our biggest shareholder IPGL, Lord Spencer’s private investment group, led the round and that we were able to attract new investors of the calibre of Lord Rose, Chairman of Ocado; Lance Uggla, Chairman and CEO of IHS Markit; and Andy Bell, founder and CEO of AJ Bell.

Having spent several weeks immersed in the fundraising process you get to the end of it and realise there is no time to waste. Now as we enter a new year, we accelerate; we embark on a new exciting chapter for the company; we work hard for our shareholders; and more importantly, we protect our customers even more so than we do today.

And speed really is the name of the game for many reasons, but none more so than the need to stay ahead of bad actors. I have no doubt that when historians look back at the 21st century, much will be written about 2020. The harsh reality of COVID-19 and the tragic death toll will never be forgotten. But neither will the extraordinary acceleration of digital adoption. It is feasible to argue that the digital migration people and businesses have experienced over the last year might have taken at least a decade or even longer without the pandemic. That is remarkable and will change our lives forever. It will change business models and lifestyles, mostly I think for the better. And of course, new risks will emerge too.

File-based threats will unfortunately not go away, they will only increase in sophistication and impact. We obsess about that at Glasswall. Our ‘Content, Disarm and Reconstruction’ (CDR) technology is recognised as a leader in the field and we already protect organisations across government, defence, financial and professional services, health, and critical infrastructure. But we know very well that this acceleration of digital adoption and the mass adoption of the cloud means cyber security solutions need to step up.

So, back to my original question. We have closed our fundraise and we know what we’re doing next. We will invest in engineering, security, and distribution. We will enhance our existing portfolio and launch new solutions in early 2021. Our customers trust the files they receive because they trust Glasswall. That is what we live by day by day. ‘Content, Disarm and Reconstruction’ technology will play an increasingly important role in eliminating file-based threats and we are excited to contribute to its adoption as a critical layer in every organisation’s security stack. As ever, if you’d like to learn more about our solutions and technology do drop me a line.

Wishing everyone a healthy— and safe — year ahead.


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