Rebuild API

Glasswall’s Rebuild API regenerates safe, clean and visually identical files in seconds. Hosted on either a dedicated or shared customer environment Rebuild API is available on all AWS data centres globally.

Use Cases

Safely Import Files for Any Business Process

A low-cost, reliable solution that ensures files imported into your organisation are regenerated to a clean, safe standard of ‘known good’.

Fast, Efficient File Processing

Rebuild API provides a rapid pathway to clean files with little overhead, allowing you to focus on building interactive user-friendly business processes free from risk.

Features & Benefits


Elastic cloud service allows you to process files in real time via a Rest API.

Broad File Support

Supports a wide range of file types and sizes.

Customer Defined file Storage

Files can be rebuilt via http request
(0-6MB) or via authenticated URL.

Easy to Integrate

Just a few lines of code to implement.

Deployment Flexibility

Range of hosting and deployment options available from shared access to private cloud.

Fast & Efficient

Files processed in less than a second.

Rebuild API

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