Rebuild for Email

Powered by d-FIRST™, Glasswall’s Rebuild for Email ensures only clean, safe and trusted attachments enter your organisation.

Use Cases

Unparalleled Protection

Rebuild for Email is fast and signatureless. Our service doesn’t need patches or updates to provide a real-time defence against the most advanced, emerging attacks.

Simple Integration

Hosted on Microsoft Azure with no additional on-premise resources required, Rebuild for Email integrates seamlessly with all major platforms, including O365, Microsoft Exchange and G-Suite.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Gain visibility on inbound file types and features. Configurable policy for Active Content and file types allows formats and features you need and keeps out those you don’t.

Features & Benefits

Delegated Administration

A secure web portal with flexible policy management allows you to set the acceptable risk levels for your organisation.

Data Sovereignty

Hosted on Microsoft Azure with regional data centres in the UK and US. Data remains in the region where your tenancy resides.

Business File Types

Supporting all key business file formats, including Binary Office, XML Office, PDF, PNG, JPEG and GIF files. Unsupported file types are controlled by policy.

Negligible Latency

File processing is sub-second with most files regenerated in 100-250 milliseconds.

Data Retention

All data is encrypted and clients have complete control of their data retention period for up to 90 days.

Rebuild for Email

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