Rebuild SDK

Powered by d-FIRST™, Glasswall’s Rebuild SDK regenerates safe, clean and visually identical files in seconds, integrating the world’s most advanced CDR technology into any business process.

Use Cases

Cross Domain Solutions

Rebuild SDK is embedded as a primary filter in CDS solutions deployed by some of the world’s most security-conscious organisations.

Safely import files for any business process

A low-cost, reliable, on-premise solution that ensures files imported into your organisation are regenerated to a clean, safe standard of ‘known good’.

Features & Benefits

Safe File Regeneration

Unparalleled protection from file-based threats.

Fast and Efficient

Files processed in less than a second.

Broad File Support

Supports a wide range of file types and sizes.

Easy to Integrate

Rich documentation with extensible Java, JavaScript, C# and Python development wrappers.

Rebuild SDK

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