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Customers are the life blood of our business and over recent years Glasswall has been lucky enough to acquire more and more of them.  The Glasswall Customer team have been hard at work ensuring we have the systems and tools in place to meet the needs of those customers and provide them rich customer experiences in doing so.

We are all too aware of the ever-increasing expectations that our customers have of us and ensuring we meet and exceed those is what drive me and my team.  Research also shows that great customer experiences can influence buying decisions by prospects too.

Whilst we have great customer issue management tools and processes and are continuing to improve our one to one customer engagement, we felt there was a need to provide a community to share knowledge with and between our customers as a many to many or collaboration platform.  We have recently introduced our Customer Community platform to address this.

You can find this by pointing your browser at  

Our objectives with this platform are:

  • Ensure we live up to our customer charter
  • Improve availability of product knowledge to all
  • Go beyond FAQs and Knowledge base articles in making product knowledge easily available
  • Foster self-service for those that want it
  • Improve customer feedback to Glasswall
  • Keep communication “Human”.  Get people to talk to us.
  • Foster customer collaboration.  Get people to talk to each other

The platform is still in its infancy but is already providing great value to our customers from the full set of online videos on how to setup and operate our email tenancies to release notes on the latest versions of our SDKs.  There are also several questions we have put to the community asking for customer feedback to guide our priorities in product development.

It is still early days, and we know there are still many things we want to do with it, for example we will soon be seeking early access users for our latest and greatest product releases via the community.  However, we are constantly adding more discussions and content to it, and I encourage every customer to have their say, get involved and  drive us as hard as you need us to meet your expectations.  I am always happy to talk with any customer one on one if you need convincing.

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Paul Burke
SVP Customers and Solutions.Come be part of the Glasswall CommunityPaul BurkeSVP Customers and Solutions.

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