Why We Want to Keep 20 Charities Safe in 2020

Two weeks ago we had a great exec team away day, my first since I joined Glasswall. We made tremendous progress on a number of fronts and spent a lot of time making sure we were aligned on our purpose. At Glasswall we have a clear vision, to deliver safety and integrity through trusted files. We know the value we deliver to our clients because we have countless examples of stopping malicious attacks that could have had a crippling effect.

We’re a business. We’re focused on growth. Yet nothing is more rewarding to us than protecting a customer from a sophisticated cyber attack. That’s why we do what we do. And that’s why we spoke at length about our purpose — protecting and keeping our clients safe — as that is ultimately good for our economy and therefore society as a whole. Simple but powerful.

We then started talking about organisations we admire, which included many charities. Their one and only purpose is to do good and seeing as we have no charities on our client roster we suddenly had an ‘a ha’ moment. We are scaling our business and we want to do good. Both are perfectly compatible so, we thought, let’s offer our security solutions to a number of charities for free next year.

We will be giving away an annual free subscription to our FileTrust for Email Cloud Service to 20 charities in 2020. I was shocked to read recently that 44% of charities are not protecting themselves from cyber attacks in any way. That needs to change.

I very much hope that in our own small way, we can make a difference to 20 organisations out there next year who deserve to be protected. And I’m sure we’ll learn a great deal from the Third Sector too, which in turn will improve our offering to everybody else.

So if you are a UK or US-based charitable organisation and have under 500 staff (we want to help the smaller ones!) then please get in touch with me directly (dlopez@glasswallsolutions.com) and we’ll take it from there.

Happy — and safe — holidays to you all!

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