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We are a file regeneration and analytics company, and a leader in the field of CDR: Content Disarm and Reconstruction

Working from home means greater reliance on cloud technologies.

We are all having to work differently, remotely sharing, storing and accessing more files than ever before.

Increasing access elevates risk.

There is a growing need for innovative solutions to address this expanding attack surface without compromising productivity.

Glasswall offers unparalleled protection from file-based threats.

Signature-based security seeks to identify and remove dangerous files. Malware morphs and spreads at such a rate that malicious files are often missed and harmless files held, impacting both safety and productivity. Without relying on signatures or detections, Glasswall's products and solutions regenerate clean, safe and visually identical files in milliseconds, securing your organisation without compromise.

Introducing d-FIRST™

deep-File Inspection

deep-File Inspection breaks down the entire file and validates it against the format’s specification.


All deviations uncovered during the inspection are remediated back into line with the file standard.


Sanitisation removes high-risk Active Content such as macros, JavaScript, URLs and embedded files.

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